The holiday season is a magical time of year with the colorful decorations everywhere, cheerful Christmas music dancing through the air and the scent of sweet cinnamon apple spice tickling your noses.

All of a sudden you are whipped back to reality when you start to think about everything that must be completed in such a short amount of time. The cooking, cleaning, decorating, planning, lists of this and that… It goes on and on and you wonder; when am I going to find the time to shop for those “perfect” gifts.

Or maybe you are visiting our lovely county and would like to find some special gifts to take back with you.

Luckily, our area offers so many wonderful shops with different types of ideas and options for gifts. Let’s take a look at just a few of our favorite picks for the season, and help check some of those boxes off your to-do list.



Leather Coozy

Mercantile on Main

Step it up a notch for that manly man in your life. Mercantile on Main has unique leather cozies that will surely make him the envy of his friends.

Tues – Fri 10am – 5:30pm

Sat 10am – 4pm




Handcrafted Mug

WinterHawk Pottery & Home

For that coffee or hot tea drinker, WinterHawk has one of a kind, handcrafted mugs.

Tues-Thurs 10am – 5:00pm

Fri 10am – 6pm

Sat 11am – 4pm



Double Pom Beanie

Empire South

For that cute little girl, Empire South offers a unique twist on the normal winter beanie.

Mon-Sat 10am-7pm

Sun 12pm – 5pm





Antique BB Guns

Attic Treasures

For that historian in your family, Attic Treasures has rare antique BB guns amongst other rare finds.

Mon-Sat 9:30am-5pm

Sun 11am – 5pm





Custom precious and semi-precious jewelry

Mia Bella’s

For that special woman in your life, Mia Bella’s offers handcrafted precious and semi-precious jewelry.

Tues – Sat 10am – 6pm







Custom hand painted Art & Antiques

Jackie Chapman Art & Antiques

Jackie does beautiful hand paintings of animals and even homesteads.  This amazing gift would be cherished by your loved one and even generations to come.

Bishop, GA

Contact information for more information: 706-769-7442






Large Antiques

Power Surplus Treasure

There are way too many treasures that can’t be found anywhere else at the Power Surplus Treasure. You will just have to pick one yourself.

Mon – Fri 8am – 5:30pm

Sat 9am – 4pm