We are the best county in Georgia!


Niche Local is a website that ranks locations throughout the county.

Niche Local is a website that ranks locations throughout the country.

We’ve always known that we are one of the best counties around, but now its official. According to rankings website Niche Local, Oconee County was ranked as the best county to live in in the entire state of Georgia.

Placing first on the list is a huge honor for us, especially because of how respectable the source is. Niche is a widely respected source of helpful rankings, with the site creating yearly lists of the best schools, universities and places to live in the entire United States.

There’s a lot that goes into making all of these lists too. The website uses a number of different factors to grade each location on, and then averages these grades together to find the best scores.

In the Georgia state county rankings, Oconee received an “A+” overall grade, earning high scores in categories such as education, community, safety and health.

The only classification that we did not score well in was the “Easiest Commute Grade,” which is a little unfair considering that the score was based mostly on the distance from the county to Atlanta.

Placing first on the list wasn’t the only accolade given to Oconee this year though, as Niche also ranked Watkinsville as the third best suburb in the state. In addition, we were ranked as the best county in Georgia to raise family in.

It’s great to be able to say that we’re the best county in the state, so let’s work to keep Oconee high on that list for a long time!

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