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Oconee County is made up of 186 square miles and is located in northeast Georgia.  The state’s 137th county was created by a legislative act in 1875 from part of western Clarke County.  Oconee County was named for the river flowing along part of its eastern border which comes from a Native American word meaning “spring of the hills.”

Oconee County came into existence due to the fact that Clarke County’s seat was Watkinsville, but was changed to Athens in 1871.  Due to demands from western Clarke County residents (now Oconee County), the new Oconee County was created and the county seat was re-established in Watkinsville.

The newly formed Oconee County retained Watkinsville as its seat.  It is widely accepted that Robert Watkins, an attorney from Augusta, is the namesake of Watkinsville.  The current Oconee County Courthouse (a New Deal project of President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Works Progress Administration) was built in 1939 to replace a courthouse built in 1875. The latest modification in 1998 more than doubled its size.


City of Watkinsville: 2,940
Oconee County: 31,367


Average Annual Rainfall – 49.7 inches 
Average Annual Temperature – 62º (F)
Average High Temperature – 72º (F)
Average Low Temperature – 51º (F)
Highest Recorded Temperature – 107º (F)
Lowest Recorded Temperature – -4º (F)


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