Elder Mill Covered Bridge

About a year ago, I was a newcomer to Oconee County. After moving from Suwanee to attend the University of North Georgia, I was ready to start exploring the area I would soon call “home.” So, naturally, I had to do the first item on any visitor’s bucket list: drive my car across the Elder Mill covered bridge. There are only thirteen covered bridges left in Georgia, and we are lucky enough to have one only four miles from downtown Watkinsville. The bridge has faithfully carried hundreds of travelers since its construction in 1897, and now it was my turn to drive across its old wooden beams. So after class one day, my roommate and I hopped in my car and headed off to accomplish this feat.

After driving a few miles through nice rolling fields, we made a right onto Elder Mill Road. Then, just after the road turns dirt, we descended upon the bridge. My roommate and I instantly began to get nervous at the thought of us driving it, but I was already dead set on making it across. Later, we found out the bridge, much like many historic houses, was cleverly constructed in a way that makes it just as strong as any bridge built today. Because of this, we were able to happily drive back and forth across the bridge.

If you haven’t gotten the chance to drive across the Elder Mill Bridge yet, I would definitely recommend it. It is a unique and fun experience that brings history to life. With the start of amazing fall weather, I can think of nothing better than to spend some time taking a drive and stopping by this historic site.

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